New Social Finance



Watchlist of startups in this space:


Older companies:



  • Help buy first home
  • Reduce debt
  • See others portfolios, benefit portfolio manager
  • Invest in stocks
  • Invest in culture/art
  • Invest with friends
  • Finances for couples / groups
  • Invest university egree


Interesting concepts:

  • HENRY - High earning, not rich yet (analogue to affluents)
  • ROSCA - Rotating savings and credit association. Community of 10, everybody pays 100€ a month and one person in the community receives 1000 a month. A bug sum…
  • functional vs. emotional challenge: good example are budgeting apps. Functionally making sense but people don’t like/use them (underachieving makes you feel bad > you stop reporting/using) and it becomes easier to delete app than to stick to goals


Main thesis:

  • Every company is eventually becoming a FinTech company
  • Things like stickiness, cross-sell, acquisition are hard problems for FinTechs that become much easier with a social layer



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